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Consolidated Online Inventory

Listing & Buyer’s Intelligence for Manufacturers

Post All Online Dealership Inventory on Your Website

Generate More Traffic

Increase your official website’s search engine authority with relevant content delivered to interested shoppers.

Generate More Leads

Deliver leads to your Authorized Dealers without any additional work or data entry!

Generate More Sales

Don’t lose shoppers who find other brands while browsing dealer websites… keep the traffic AND the sales!

Benefits for Manufacturers, Dealerships & Shoppers



  • View and track all dealership inventory listed for sale
  • Maintain your invested brand quality, consistency, and integrity
  • Ability to present all dealer inventory in an equitable way
  • More leads of a higher quality
  • Raise your overall SEO with extensive dealer inventory and local search results
  • Eliminate brand competition drift when leads are provided to dealerships
  • Continual lead tracking and marketing
  • Deliver special offers to shoppers
  • Broader distribution of specials, discounts, and incentives
  • Increased intelligence regarding (1) Products of interest and (2) Impact of marketing efforts
  • Cross-sell and upsell
  • With increased traffic optimize content marketing for lead nurturing
  • Help dealers obtain the right inventory mix for their area
  • Utilize intelligence for (1) Product development and (2) Marketing efforts
  • Monitor online pricing and prevent deep discounting


  • More high quality leads from the manufacturer
  • Be found by customers who might otherwise never locate your dealership
  • Tools to continue communications with customers
  • Integrates with existing systems with no additional work required

  • High search ranking of the manufacturer’s authority site
  • A consistent high-quality web shopping experience
  • Accessibility to complete, accurate, and up-to-date product content
  • Ability to see all products offered
  • The deepest level of product information available

A Unique Partnership to Connect and Understand Dealers, Inventory, and Buyers.

Dealer Listings on Your Website

Dealers get more exposure for their dealership and units on sale. You get a treasure trove of analytics, marketing data, and control.


  • Dealer Locator helps shoppers find a dealer nearby
  • In-Stock Inventory lets customers easily find the unit they want without going anywhere else online!
  • RV/Trailer Builder encourages shoppers to build the RV of their dreams, and delivers those leads to dealers
  • Management Tools allow you to monitor pricing, gain marketing insights, and provide uniform presentation of your units

Powerful Reporting & Insights

Momentum makes sense for your business, and help you make sense of online interest. Drive more traffic to your website, send more leads to your dealers, all while growing your marketing lists and analytics!


  • Market to and create specialized offers for customer who interact via email, phone or text with dealers on your website
  • Learnwhich types and models shoppers are searching for, have the most interest in, and where they’re located
  • Help your dealers have the right inventory mix for their area, based on buyer interest and trends
  • Easily monitor pricing and prevent deep discounting or steep markup of units

From the Inventory & Data Experts

Our focus has always been innovation. Back in 1995 we were the first online RV classified site. We followed that by being the first to offer imports and exports to other classifieds. Each and every year since, we continually develop new tools with the same founding mission: How can we help you grow your business?